Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services ensure that our client’s website is effectively equipped to gain higher website traffic and ranking in search engines.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website in order to get more website traffic by achieving a higher rank in popular search engines. A website that is optimized for search engines caters to the exact needs of the user queries thereby facilitating an effectual marketing of the desired business.

Importance Of SEO

Statistics indicate that most of the online users rely on search engines to get their queries answered. However, the majority of these users tend to visit only a handful of websites listed on the first page of the search results. The remaining websites, owing to poor SEO techniques, end up being listed on the later pages of the search results. Hence, a proficiently optimized website that floats on top of the search engine results is imperative for any business to market its product in a competent way.

SEO Process

  • Analyzing the Website

    Performing a detailed analysis of your website is one of the primary steps in making it search engine optimized. From identifying the issues that are hindering the website to employing an expert strategy to improve the page rank, our in-depth review system covers it all.
  • The Technical Inputs

    Our extensive research, coupled with intensive analysis, ensures that your website is equipped with the right keywords and other technical aspects. This not only makes the website search engine friendly, but also, enhances the overall user experience.

    We even optimize the website for both, desktops and mobiles, so as to give it another beneficial feature in engaging the users.
  • On Page Optimization

    Critical factors such as keyword density, Meta tags, page content, headers and footers, and others need to be carefully optimized to make sure that search engines recognize the website with a relevant rank.
  • Optimizing the website with off page strategies is also important in improving the website traffic and overall page rank. Off page optimization strategies such as submitting the website to major directories, increasing the number of inbound links, other link building practices help in enhancing the domain authority and the site’s authenticity.
  • Detailed Reports

    Making the client understand the entire optimization process is one of our key aspects. Giving a detailed report, that includes several intrinsic aspects of the SEO, helps the client keep track of the website’s revamped performance.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an internet marketing model which is built around the concept of placing paid ads on popular search engines. The advertisers, who employ this model, need to pay a fee to the search engine each time their ad gets clicked. Our services help you reap optimal results by implementing the best PPC strategy for your business.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is one of the key factors in gaining more organic traffic by making a website search engine optimized. It involves optimizing a website for a targeted keyword. Selecting proper keywords, choosing appropriate meta tags, providing quality content, and constructing proper URLs are some of the basic techniques used as a part of our On Page Optimization process. These techniques not only improve the overall readability of the website but also help in enhancing the site’s position in the search rankings

We help you achieve the following key aspects to make your website on page optimized.

  • High-quality content

  • High-Quality Backlinks

  • Detailed Reports

  • Detailed Reports

Significance of On Page Optimization

Surveys suggest that organic web search remains as the major source for gaining traffic to a website. In order to achieve the same, it is imperative to make the website on page optimized. A user-friendly website which caters relevant information to the user needs to be equipped with on page SEO so as to make significant strides and stand out of its competitors.

On Page Optimization Process

  • Title Tags

    Relevant Title Tags, or Page Titles, are one of the foremost things in the on page optimization process. A distinct title with relevant keywords and accurate description of the page’s content helps to connect with users immediately.
  • URL Structure

    Effective, search engine friendly URLs with targeted keywords play a crucial role in garnering larger amounts of traffic through organic sources. Our well-crafted URLs also help in the ranking factors used by the search engines while displaying websites relevant to a particular search query.
  • Meta Descriptions

    Meta Descriptions provide short and crisp descriptions of the web pages. These summaries must contain the target keywords that are in perfect sync with the content as these are displayed in the search results.
  • Meta Tags

    Meta Tags form one of the basic elements of on page SEO. Each page must consist a set of researched keywords as the meta tags as the search engines read these in order to determine their relevance to the page’s content.
  • High-Quality Content

    Having a high-quality, readable content makes a big impact on the user. Such content, which is perfectly optimized with keywords, also leads to an increased number of backlinks.
  • Internal Linking

    Internal Linking is a wise practice that apart from establishing the site’s architecture, also leads to spreading the links of several web pages on your website.

Link Building

Link Building is an internet marketing process that involves obtaining website traffic through links on other pages. Link Building, when applied in an effective way, not only increases the website’s traffic but also boosts its search engine rank. Also, a large number of high-value incoming links to the website facilitate in the process of the website being recognized by the search engines.

Link Building Process

  • Manual Linking

    Our dedicated team makes use of traditional methods to generate high-quality backlinks. These methods, which are deployed manually, ensure that the incoming links are from relevant websites in order to boost the organic traffic.
  • High-Quality Backlinks

    We generate high-quality backlinks from websites that are relevant to the services you offer. Popular search engines cater greater value to the websites having backlinks from legitimate websites. In fact, links coming in through illegitimate websites can even lower the website’s page rank. To avoid this from happening, our team of link building professionals keeps a track of all the incoming links to maintain quality and remove the potentially harmful ones.
  • Detailed Reports

    Our detailed reports consist of several performance parameters to assess the progress being achieved through the link building efforts. This also enables in achieving a complete transparency with the client who can track the development on the optimization front.

Social Media Optimization

What Is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) makes use of several social media platforms to market your product to a larger section of audiences. The process optimizes your website’s position by promoting awareness about your product on social media.

Significance Of Social Media Optimization

In a modern age where the world is finding newer ways to stay connected, SMO forms a crucial part of the digital marketing campaign. It is imperative to reach out to the customers and communicate with them in order to ascertain the brand’s goodwill and the authenticity. SMO also opens up newer avenues to connect with newer customers by improving the overall visibility of one’s brand. Thus, having a sound presence in an ever-expanding community, along with proficient SEO strategies, offers a priceless advantage to any business.

SMO Process

  • Social Networking Accounts

    We focus on creating a sound presence for your business on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • Building the Community

    Apart from engaging the current set of customers, we even reach out to prospective customers on these platforms in order to build a larger community.
  • Pushing the brand through content

    Our team of dedicated content writers ensures that the customers are kept informed and engaged with the well-linked content. We ensure that the content is optimized for search engines and is propagated through multiple channels to improve the product’s visibility.
  • Implementing viral marketing techniques

    Viral marketing techniques such as regularly posting photos, videos, events, and others to encourage the visitors to tag, share and interact with your posts help in gaining social media leverage.
  • Promoting through paid advertisements

    Paid advertisements on social media platforms help in reaching out to the target audiences of your product. This not only helps in spreading out to wider communities but also drives targeted traffic to the website.

Online Reputation Management

In today’s digitized world, customer feedback on an online platform plays a massive role in determining the reputation of any business. While favorable reviews and feedback can help a brand scale newer heights, unfavorable and negative reviews can hamper the growth of any business.

Importance of Online Reputation Management

Did you know that most of the customers look you up on popular search engines before engaging with your business? Any unfavorable reviews or negative comments on these platforms can prove to be detrimental to your business. These negative reviews can even cause the customer to land on your competitor’s doorstep. Apart from destroying your brand’s image, unfavorable feedback can also cause your business to drop to a lower rank on search results.

Hence, an effective online reputation management strategy ensures that the online reviews are managed in the most ingenious way so as to facilitate an unhindered growth of your business.

Building an online image

Our online reputation management methods not only foster the positive reviews but also make sure that the negative reviews are conveyed directly to you instead of making a public appearance. This helps you analyze the feedback received and rectify the possible shortcomings in your business.

Keeping the significance of online image in mind, our expert team helps you build a strong reputation in the virtual world. From boosting positive reviews to suppressing the negative ones, we make sure that your brand boasts a healthy image on several online platforms. This also results in a higher rank in the search results as popular search engines give priority to the businesses possessing favorable reviews.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization enables you to connect directly with the local customers by optimizing your online market for a specific region.

Customers looking for a certain product or a service are more likely to look up for the same in a specific city. Effective Local SEO ensures that relevant search engine results consist of your business to help you garner more traffic to your website.

Importance of Local SEO

The constantly evolving dynamics of Google have catered extreme significance to local search results. Based on their search inquiries, people can now avail relevant results pertaining to their localities. Hence, a website that appears on top of the list of local search results stands with the best chance to materialize the business. This way, Local SEO helps in ranking your business on top of the local search results and provides you the possibility of making the best use of the regional market.

Armoring you with a sound presence in the local market

Our efficient and proven Local SEO techniques optimize and update your business and geographical information so as to make sure that your website is ranked on top of the local search results. In addition to listing your business on the maps of popular search engines, our expert team also equips your website with keywords based on intensive geographic research. This makes it possible for your business to gain maximum attention online and stay ahead of your local competitors.

Internal Linking

Internal Links are hyperlinks that are used to point at a particular target on the same domain from a source on the same domain. In other words, the essential feature of an internal link is to redirect the users from one page to another and guide them when they’re looking for alternate pages on your website.

Significance of Internal Linking

Internal Linking is an integral aspect of an effective SEO process. However if not applied properly, this could even result in bad SEO and affect the website’s ranking. It is thus important to make sure that the linking process is carried out in an intelligent way.

Lack of internal links proves to be a major hindrance to an effective SEO practice as they can help the search engines in ranking your page. Search engines will not be able to access many relevant pages as they get buried if not linked internally. Hence, a crawlable link structure is important to enable multiple pages to get listed in the search engine indices.

Site Speed

Site Speed refers to the amount of time taken for a site to be loaded. A fast loading website keeps the users engaged and helps in performing better in the search engine results. It is hence essential to make sure that your website is fast, responsive and accessible.

Significance of Site Speed

Users are impatient and would want the site to load in a minimal amount of time. Proving the same, the statistics show that the bounce rates tend to be higher for the sites that take more time in loading. Also, the fact that Google has announced that site speed will be a ranking factor in its mobile-first index, has placed a special impetus on this factor of the webiste. Site speed thus becomes crucial in making the users stay on your website and also enhance the UX and conversion.

Factors that lead to lower Site speed:

  • Too many Ads

  • Unoptimized Browser, apps, and plugins

  • Heavy Images

  • Widgets

  • External embed media

  • Inefficient code

Image Optimization

Images make the website more vivid and create a more engaging user experience. Apart from this, Image Optimization can certainly help in making the site Search Engine Optimized as well. From using the right size to being equipped with key attributes such as title, alt text, and caption, images need to be appropriately optimized for search engines.

Mobile Friendly

With the emergence of smartphones, more and more people are spending their time on their mobile devices and tablets. It is therefore important to make a website mobile friendly in order to keep the mobile visitors engaged.

Unfortunately, many websites nowadays still lack on a mobile front which causes them to turn away innumerable mobile visitors. Several factors such as screen sizes, site structure, and load times need to be carefully analyzed and optimized accordingly so as to make the site ready for a mobile as well.

Optimized URL structure

A human-readable text that is used by the computers to communicate with servers, URL forms the fundamental block of SEO. A well-constructed URL helps in giving a basic idea to the humans and search engines about what the destination page consists of. URL when equipped with the right keyword, can even act as a ranking factor.

Content Analysis

It is important to keep in mind that the content displayed on the website must be easily understandable and relevant to the user. We help you in analyzing your website’s content and make it more readable and search engine optimized.

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